EM Sensors, Inc. offers the following services...

  • Advanced printing and materials depsoition technology
  • Industrial sensors and controls
  • Physics
  • Magnetics
  • Electromagnetics
PCB layout and design.  From prototype to production, specializing in circuits for industrial and medical sensor applications.  We have a lot of experience designing electromagnetic drive and detector circuits.
Sensor design and fabrication.  We can design and build a variety of electromagnetic sensors for applications in nondestructive evaluation, industrial and medical sensing.
Measurement solutions.  Complete custom measurement solutions for quality and production applications
Custom circuit design and layout.  From a simple idea to a fully functioning device.  From a working prototype to a production-ready design.  Need help with the design, just give us a call!  We can also provide low-cost prototypes to enable new designs to be tested.



Advanced printing and materials depsoition technology.  Thinking of adopting state-of-the-art printing technology for research and development or production?  Talk to us first.  We have experience and knowledge of the various technologies including direct write and ink-jet printing.  We can guide you through the selection process and provide you with unbiased advice regarding performance, time-to-market and suitability for your application.  See also our R&D pages.

Industrial sensors and controls.  We have many years of experience developing custom sensors and controls - talk to us first, even if you don't end up buying from us!

Physics/Magnetics/Electromagnetics.  Many years of experience in these fields.  Johnson has worked as an expert witness on two patent infringement cases involving magnetics.  In addition, we can help you design coils and sensors and provide you with advice on the application and properties of magnetic materials.


  • Full PCB design and layout service
  • Offshore connections for price-critical projects
  • Latest design tools available including Verilog / VHDL capability
  • Mechanical engineering services also available


  • Latest scopes
  • Magnetic instrumentation, flux meter etc.
  • High power AC power supply (Kepco)
  • SMT station
  • And much more......

Sensor design and fabrication

We can design and build custom electromagnetic and magnetic sensors for nondestructive evaluation, process monitoring or sensing application.  We have many years of experience modeling, designing, building, testing and characterizing a wide array of sensors for many different applications.  From simple eddy-current coils to complex magnetic field sensor arrays, we have the capabilities to solve your inspection or measurement problems.


Sensor design / construction

  • eddy-current coils, magnetic field sensors, magnetic probes (Barkhausen, hysteresis)


  • accurate characterization service - where quantitative performance is a must

Signal processing

  • advanced signal and imaging processing algorithms developed using MATLAB

Measurement solutions

Complete measurement solutions - just tell us what you want to measure, and we will tell you how!  We have years of experience designing sensors, hardware, electronic circuits and software to solve a wide array of problems!

Capabilities / facilities


  • Latest design tools available
  • Software development capability
  • Specialists in complete custom solutions


We offer a range of tutoring services including practical electronics / physics short courses, high-school level math and physics (including AP).  Click for more information on our practical electronics / physics short courses.

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