The 3TLX series gauging transducers are manufactured to a superior mechanical standard, ensuring low non repeatability and a measurement performance difficult to match in this type of product.



Basic Specifications

Part Number Calibrated Range inch (mm) Total Travel inch (mm) Sesitivity m V / V / mm
3TLX10 ± 0.040 (1.0) ± 0.176 (4.40) 73.0
3TLX15 ± 0.060 (1.0) ± 0.176 (4.40) 73.0
3TLX20 ± 0.080 (1.0) ± 0.200 (5.00) 36.5
3TLX50 ± 0.200 (1.0) ± 0.424 (10.6) 7.3


  • Precision manufacture
  • High accuracy
  • Half bridge
  • CE marking
  • Repairable


These transducers are supplied with two meters of black oil-resistant cable terminated into a five-pin 270 degree DIN connector as standard.  Alternative connectors may be specified at the time of ordering.


Calibration components are mounted on a small PCB within the connector housing, this PCB can be replaced by a network of components should custom connectors be required.  Calibration is carried out using a computer controlled process and high-precision optical encoders.  A calibration certificate can be supplied on request.

Detailed Specifications

Transducer type 3TLX**A = axial cable exit
  3TLX**RV = vacuum retract
  3TLX**RP = pneumatic push
Configuration half bridge
Mechanical travel [see specifications on previous page]
Calibrated range [see specifications on previous page]
Sensitivity (standardized) [see specifications on previous page]
Connector DIN  5 pin 2700 or as requested
Linearity better than 0.3% of total stroke bsl
Repeatability 0.02 um
Residual at zero less than 3 mV
Carrier frequency 10 kHz and 13 kHz
Energising voltage 1 - 10  V rms
Bearing type linear ball
Minimum life 10 million cycles
Moving mass 4 grams
Anti-rotation maximum 1 degree over full travel
Temperature range +14º F to +149º F storage and service
Mounting position any position
Ball tip Special tip M2 with 2 mm tungsten ball
Gaiter material Viton rubber green
Cable Black 4 core screened 2 m
Spring force 0.4 N at electrical zero
  (option 0.25 - 4 N)
Pre-travel Adjustable
Protection class IP64
Service Repairable


PDF Engineering Specs: 3TLX

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