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We are experts in custom sensor design and implementation using a wide variety of technologies for industrial, agricultural, medical and quality control applications. Supplier of transducers, LVDTs and signal conditioning electronics. We design and build eddy-current and magnetic sensor systems, perform material property measurements and carry out advanced FEM work.

We have considerable experience designing instrumentation for making magnetic (Barkhausen and hysteresis) measurements on steel.  Such measurements are very useful for determining stress and in some cases the fatigue life of structural steel components.

At EM Sensors we also specialize in the sale of high-quality, precision gauging and displacement transducers. Our transducers are handcrafted by individuals with over thirty years of experience in the industry. We also supply transducer conditioning units and accessories. In addition, we can supply general-purpose instrumentation amplifier modules and transconductance (current source) driver

Our Mission

We strive to offer the best possible value for money for contract research and development work.  We can do this through low overheads and a network of highly qualified scientific and engineering professionals who can be called upon for projects with unusually high complexity.  We also promise the ultimate in customer support; if it's not working - whatever the reason - we will fix it!  Call us today for custom sensor solutions or to discuss other research and development activities.

Company Profile

board.jpgWe are a small company with big ideas; by drawing on people with experience in many different areas, we are able to solve complex problems in a very cost effective manner. We have experience in electromagnetic sensor design, electronic circuit design and implementation, process control instrumentation, mechanical design, transducer design, materials evaluation and testing, magnetics and many other areas. We can build one-off prototypes or get parts into full production using domestic or overseas facilities.

Contact Information

Please call or email today for more information on our products and services.

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