The 3MTL05 is an economically priced miniature gauging transducer.  The transducer offers excellent repeatability and is fully repairable. 


A return-spring mechanism, engineered from precision ground circular plates, provides tip guidance with virtually friction-free movement.  The design permits measurements at higher dynamic speeds than transducers with conventional coil springs. No contact is made between the tip or shaft and the transducer’s body meaning that measurements of a high repeatability and very low magnitude may be made.



Basic Specifications


Calibrated range +/- 1 mm
Total travel 2.5 mm
Sensitivity 73 mV/V/mm into 2 kOhm


The transducer has a standard 8 mm stainless steel body and comes with a 2 m black oil-resistant cable.  Side-exit cable configuration is possible through the use of a special moulded clip secured by the cable retaining spring.


Calibration components are mounted on a small PCB within the connector housing, this PCB can be replaced by a network of components should custom connectors be required.  Calibration is carried out using a computer controlled process and high-precision optical encoders.  A calibration certificate can be supplied on request.

Detailed specifications

Transducer type 3MTL05
Configuration half bridge
Mechanical travel [see specifications on previous page]
Calibrated range [see specifications on previous page]
Sensitivity (standarized) [see specifications on previous page]
Connector optional
Linearity better than 0.25% of total stroke bsl
Repeatability 0.02 um
Residual at zero less than 3 mV
Carrier frequency 10 kHz
Energising voltage 1 - 15  V rms
Energising current 10 mA
Minimum life 10 million cycles
Anti-rotation maximum 2 degrees over full travel
Temperature range +14º F to +149º F storage and service
Mounting position any position
Ball tip fixed
Gaiter material Viton rubber green
Cable Black 4 core screened 2 m
Spring force 0.7 N at electrical zero
  (option 0.25 - 4 N)
Pre-travel none
Weight 8 grams
Service repairable
Protection class IP55

PDF Engineering Specs

PDF Engineering Specs: 3MTL05

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